The Gloria Eve Performing Arts Foundation

About Us

Founded July 2003 following the path that was originally started as Studio22 - The Arts Center, Inc., which was founded in 2001. Director Mesha Millington realized how much more she could offer to the community by creating a complete school concentrating on providing full training in the performing arts thus Gloria Eve was born. Named in honor of GLORIA Jackson of Gloria Jackson dance studio in Jamaica, Queens N.Y.; where Mesha spent 14 years training and Evelyn Cooper (aunt of Mesha) a beautiful opera singer whom both died of cancer and had a profound influence on Mesha's life.

The Gloria Eve Performing Arts Foundation, Inc. is the only "minority" operated not-for-profit (501(c)(3)) corp. providing "minority" children, single parent households and lower income families in the Hempstead village community and surrounding areas with education to the cultural performing arts through class instruction that they may not normally be exposed to without this type of affordable program.

Gloria Eve Preforming
		Arts Studio

In September of 2009, Millington pulled the Dance & Music division and created the Gloria Eve School of Dance and Music. This would help the foundation focus on more community-oriented programs such as Free Classes, Arts Resources, Scholarships and exposing communities to the arts through productions produced by The Dance Theatre Company.

We serve as an outlet for children and adults. This in turns aids in keeping the children away from drugs, negative street elements, violence and obesity that they may otherwise fall victim to.

The foundation is achieving this through a 6,500sq.ft. facility with 4 dance studios, 1-music studio, 2-bath/locker rooms, a wide array of programs.

Mission Statement

To promote the performing arts via providing families of the community with access to the arts, that nurtures the children with the true culture of the performing arts. Instilling the values of discipline, self-esteem and scholarship in association with community service.